April 21, 2017

Our spring started a little early this year and the Spring Trail Closure is now in effect having started April 1st-May 15th for county forest trails and roads. The Forest Administrator may re-open trails during this period if he feels there would be minimal impact to the trails. With the early spring we have had we hope this can happen but only Mother Nature will tell and we hope she is kind to us after a not so kind winter!

The big HOWEVER is, this does not mean you cannot ride at all in Sawyer County so this is great news!! Where can I ride ATV/UTV’s right now? When you look at the trail map along the ATV/UTV trails marked by the green lines you will find some of these that have a white line that runs along with them. These white lines that run with the green indicate they are routes, which you can ride. These open routes include; the Tuscobia trail from Birchwood to Price County line, The 9 Mile Loop (trail 11), the LCO trail from the Casino to the Tuscobia (trail 777), the trail from the Casino into Hayward (trail 30), the railroad grade (63/77) from Phipps to Seeley,  and town roads that are ATV/UTV routes are open as they do not generally have a Spring closure.

Bayfield and Washburn Counties have reported their ATV/UTV trails to be closed.


Sawyer County has over 200 miles of funded trails, plus miles and miles of road routes, which includes trails throughout the Chequamegon National Forest, the Flambeau State Forest, Sawyer County Forest, the Tuscobia State Trail, and the Lac Courte Oreilles Trails.

Non-Resident Trail Pass is Required for ATVs. 

NEW ATV routes in the city ALLOW ACCESS to out of city limits, check our the details on the Trails map      

Please contact Chequamegon National Forest ‘s District Recreational Info at 715-634-4821 for additional questions. For the Flambeau State Forest 715-332-5271

Have a safe and fun ride!